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Titanic: Blood and Steel

The mythology of the Titanic has captured many an imagination throughout the years, but while the story of the ship’s infamous voyage is a well trodden path for filmmakers, few have explored how the legend came into being.

Filmed here in Dublin with a budget hitting €22m, Titanic Blood and Steel sidesteps the traditional romance that many associate with the “ship of dreams” and chronicles the design and construction of the liner from the perspective of the people who made the ship a reality. Using Belfast and its hardships of the period 1907 – 1912 as a setting, this 2012 series depicts the story of budgetary constraints and the relentless demands, placed on workers, by Titanic owner J.P. Morgan (played in this series by Sex in the City heartthrob Chris Noth, swoon!).

The series assembled a heavy weight cast to tell the story of the ships genesis, including Kevin Zegers (Dawn of the Dead), Derek Jacobi (Gladiator), Alessandra Mastronardi (I Cesaroni), Neve Campbell (Wild Things), and Massimo Ghini (Raccontami). Irish cast on the project include Gerard McCarthy (Hollyoaks), Ian McElhinney (Game of Thrones), Liam Cunningham (The Wind That Shakes the Barley), Kate O’Toole (The Dead), Branwell Donaghey (The Crimson Petal and the White), Michael McElhatton (Spin the Bottle) and Martin McCann (Killing Bono).

The series was originally broadcast in Italy, with Lionsgate snapping up the US television rights soon after.

Full Sound Post for Titanic: Blood and Steel was carried out here at Screen Scene and at Ardmore Sound.