When the Party’s Over

2008 RTE Documentary, When The Party’s Over, examined the hidden health costs of our nation’s drinking habits.

The documentary was presented by Dr. Mark Hamilton and provides a graphic illustration of how easily socially accepted levels of drinking can lead to long term harm.

Between 1993 and 2003, alcohol consumption in Ireland leapt by 40%, with Irish people now consuming on average nearly twice the maximum healthy limit for alcohol. And while it’s probable that in the current climate we may have less money for alcohol, we’re likely to continue drinking well in excess of the recommended amounts. Dr. Mark points out that unless we do something radical to decrease our alcohol intake, what we will face is a spiralling public health crisis.

The documentary completed post production at Screen Scene with Juangus Dinsmore editing, Garret Farrell mixing the audio, Warren Dowling completing online and Angela McLellan grading. The documentary was produced by Dhruda Banerjee for Mint Productions with Mark Warren directing.